Ketogenic Diet: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide – A Step By Step Guide For Keto Lifestyle

A Life-Changing Healthy Meal Plan For Fast Weight-Loss & Amazing Overall WellbeingSome people are just blessed with good genetics. No matter what they eat, they seem to be able to keep their weight down, effortlessly.For the rest of us though, food seems to go straight to our problem areas: belly, thighs and butt. Most of us have tried various diets that simply didn't do it for us.They were either incompatible with our lifestyle or kept us in a state of constant, nagging hunger. Not good.This guidebook takes care of that.A ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carb, way of eating that forces your body to rely on fat sources for energy instead of the traditional low-carb diet, which only targets sugar.One of the most popular diets worldwide, the proven-effective KETO DIET is focused on encouraging the liver to produce KETONES, an excellent energy source activated in low carb healthy eating plans, with miraculous effects on our health and wellbeing.There's a lot of confusion and controversy surrounding ketogenic dieting. It's easy to get overwhelmed. With eight years of experience with ketogenic diets, Morris Lopez has seen all there is to ketosis: pros, cons, mistakes and pitfalls.In addition, a complete introduction to the Ketogenic Diet is included to explain how and why it is so effective. Here's what you'll discover in this book:.A complete primer on ketosisHow you're probably doing Ketogenic dieting wrongBenefits of ketogenic dietingHow ketogenic dieting can help with epilepsy and bipolar disordersFoods to love and avoid during ketogenic dietingTips for success on the ketogenic dietMy top 50 favorite Keto recipesAnd many more!You've been using your busy lifestyle to excuse your poor eating habits. You've tried ineffective, feel-good diets long enough. It's time to stop. Your health demands it!Click On The BUY NOW Button and get your copy now.

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