Ketogenic Diet: 35 Simple and Delicious Ketogenic Diet Recipes for Fast Weight Loss

The Ketogenic Diet Is Your Secret Weapon To Losing Weight And Feeling Great!Would you like to have more energy, burn excess fat, and create a body that seems almost bulletproof?In this book you'll learn how the Ketogenic Diet does all that and more! PLUS, you'll have an arsenal of over 30 mouthwatering Keto-approved recipes to take out all the guess work. Optimize your metabolism, increase lean muscle, and even prevent or reverse some serious diseases. In our modern society we are constantly bombarded with the message 'eat more carbs and less fat', and we have taken that advice to heart.We now eat more carbs and less fat than our grandparents' generations did, yet we suffer from more obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes than ever before. I'm Here To Tell You That Low Fat Isn't The Answer! Like many people...I'm sure you've tried an array of diet and exercise programs, but failed to get the results you had hoped for. That's why I wrote this book!I'm going to show you why other diets have failed you in the past. You'll learn what happens in your body when you eat different types of food, and which foods not only build a lean, healthy body that looks good, but one that feels great too. You'll Gain Massive Inspiration, Motivation And A Practical Way To Reach Your Health And Lifestyle Goals...In This Book You'll Discover...How the ketogenic diet helps you burn fat easilyWhy it's a proven go to diet to lower inflammationHow the Ketogenic Diet is being used to treat serious diseasesWhy fat is your friend and carbs are not the answerHow ketones play a role in increasing your energy and focusAn assortment of 35 delicious Ketogenic recipes to get you startedWhat foods you should eat and what foods to avoidHow to stay motivated when first changing your dietPlus, so much more...By adopting the Ketogenic lifestyle you will become lean, strong, and energetic. You'll begin feeling better than you have in years--all while eating the delicious foods you love.Finally! A do-able diet that will give you the results you’ve been searching for. The Ketogenic Diet will completely change your life!Ready to kickstart your own Ketogenic Diet?Scroll up and click the 'add to cart' button to get your copy now!***If You're Looking For Even More Delicious Ketogenic Recipes Check Out My Ketogenic Cookbook. It Has 55 Unique Recipes To Satisfy Any Craving You May Have, in a low carb way!

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