Keto White Kidney Bean Carb Blocker + Forskolin [80 Capsules] White Kidney Bean Extract & Forskolin Extract for Healthy Weight Management & Carb Intercept w Green Tea – Starch Inhibitor for Keto Diet

BLOCK CARBS, CUT CRAVINGS, & MAINTAIN KETOSIS If you're looking for a way to cut cravings for carbs & sugars or recover from eating too many carbs on a keto diet then you've found it. Zeal Naturals White Kidney Bean & Forskolin Carb Blocker is the most advanced carbohydrate blocker to aid in helping you lose weight in the keto diet when paired with a healthy lifestyle and diet. - 500mg White Kidney Bean Extract - 200mg Forskolin Max Strength - 100mg Pure Green Tea Extract (Natural caffeine and antioxidant EGCG act as a powerful agent in breaking down stored fat and targeting difficult belly fat) - 100mg Ceylon Cinnamon Extract

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