Keto For Women Over 50: A Complete Guide for Senior Women | Become Keto-Adapted, Shed Excess Pounds, Balance Hormones & Regain Body Confidence

75% of Senior Americans are predicted to become overweight and obese by 2025. That's like 3 in every 4 Senior Citizen going overboard the dreaded scale sooner than later...But what's even more shocking is, a recent survey showed that this rate was already reached! And that means 3 in every 4 Senior Citizens dieing of Heart, Immune or Blood related problems in a few years from today! That's not even more depressing fact is that there's only a 7% chance to lose weight after 50 - and that's because our body metabolism slows down and weakens as we age.For most of us, losing weight after 50 is a real struggle. I know we all crave and want to- look and feel younger- become more energetic- Do the things we always loved doing What if there was a way to beat this growling statistics and lose weight easily without compromising on your food choices, counting calories or starvation diets?Over the past couple of months, I have been perfecting my bespoke version of the Keto diet which enabled me to lose 79 pounds at age 53! Down from 176 pounds, it was a struggle getting to lose so much weight and still feel able to go more...Got back the shape of my dreams, feel so much younger and energetic, had better memory and concentration, pitch level self esteem and confidence I'd never have imagined. If this worked for me, it can for you. I implore you to give yourself a chance and fight to win back your body and confidence. Specifically in this book, you'll discover:How to boost your metabolism every single day with 7 simple morning recipes Bonus ContentsBest ways to Improve your health after 50 How to help protect yourself from heart disease and cancer without medications How to boost your healthy cholesterol, increase amounts of super fats and eliminate toxins How to fix sagging skin, eliminate skin blemishes and look younger and more confident

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