Keto Diet For Beginners : How To Go On The Ketogenic Diet: Easy And Delicious Keto Recipes and An 8 Week Keto Meal Plan

Do you want to get out of bed feeling energetic and bursting with life?What about losing weight and be healthier without wasting a fortune on expensive meal plans and fancy ingredients?If the answer is YES, THEN THIS BOOK IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU! This book, Keto Diet For Beginners : How To Go On A Ketogenic Diet, has been created with you in mind, so that finding success with the keto diet comes easy!Here Is What you will gain in knowledge and actionable tips!A Wide Variety of Easy to Follow Recipesusing ingredients that are easily found at your local grocery store – each with detailed nutritional informationHealthy and Delicious Keto Diet Food conveniently indexed and organized into so that you have no trouble finding your favorite recipe28 Days Keto Meal Plan all pre planned so that you take to the keto diet with ease and familiarity. Additional 28 Keto Diet meal plan for those who struggle with finding time. In this book, you will also get:The Most Useful Tips and FAQs for on How to Get on with the Keto DietThe Benefits of the Keto Diet to boost your health and get into your desired level of fitness! As well as Easy Mistakes to Avoid so you don’t waste time and effortA massive list of popular keto recipes that taste great and are absolutely easy to prep to free up more time for yourself.A comprehensive step-by-step structure on How to get into Ketosis, so that You know the nitty-gritty details of utilizing the Keto Diet to the fullest potential for Yourself.Full Nutritional Information For Each RecipesAnd much, much more...Learn the golden rules of The Keto Diet and avoid the common mistakes so you can shed those extra pounds fast!Get Healthier, Burn off the fats and enjoy the boundless energy that comes with the Keto Diet Now! Click the Add To Cart Button Now to begin!

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