Keto Diet 2019: Tasty Keto Recipes That’ll Help You Lose Weight Fast | Ketogenic Cooking with Low Carb Meals for Beginners

With Keto Diet 2019 You’ll find the way to lose weight and follow a low carb high-fat diet easily.The ketogenic diet is one of the best diets on the planet for fighting disease and losing weight.Most importantly, according to an increasing number of studies, it helps reduce risk factors for diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and more. The keto diet promotes fresh whole foods like meat, fish, veggies, and healthy fats and oils, and greatly reduces processed chemically treated foods.This book is an excellent source of creative, easy-to-cook, insanely delicious keto recipes. They will allow you the freedom and flexibility to do what feels right for you, your body, and your health.For your satisfaction, the Keto Diet 2019 includes:Delish Morning - healthy breakfasts that are worth getting up early forLunch to Try Now - Boring lunch? No way! With these super easy ideas, you'll want to lick the dish cleanHealthy Refreshing Salads - These salads are too good to be just a side dish. Creamy, chunky, vinegary, and even sweet – these recipes will beat any store-bought salad and make you actually want to eat your veggiesToo Good To Be Side Dishes - The low-carb sides you need right now. They were destined to be more than a sideKeto Dinner Perfection - Even picky eaters can't say “no” to theseHeaven Desserts - a dessert a day keeps the blues awayVegetarian Kitchen - looking for meatless recipes for your keto lifestyle - here they are!Instant Pot & One Pot Wonders - save time in the kitchen and enjoy your favorite keto meals***Please note: Book is available in 2 Paperback formats - Black and White and Full color. Choose the best for you ***full-color edition - Simply press “See all formats and versions” above the price. Press left from the “paperback” buttonblack and white version - is the default firstUse these healthy and easy recipes and start cooking today!

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