Juicing: 7-Day Juicing for Weight Loss Recipes: Cleanse & Detox Your Body

From the bestselling weight-loss writer Linda Westwood comes Juicing: 7-Day Juicing For Weight Loss Recipes: Cleanse & Detox Your Body. This juicing book will help you lose weight, detox and cleanse your body, and help you feel good today! If you feel like you need to get on a juicing diet to detox and cleanse your body (and feel energized every day), if you want new juicing recipes that deliver results - making you feel good and drop some stubborn pounds - or if you want to live a longer and healthier life that gives you the happiness you have always wanted, then this book is for you! This book provides you with a seven-day weight-loss juicing diet plan that will have you losing up to 14 lbs in just seven days! It comes with all the recipes, ingredients, a shopping list, and all the steps you need to know! Are you ready to look and feel slimmer, healthier, and sexier than you have in years? Then check out this seven-day weight-loss juicing diet plan, and start transforming your life today! If you successfully implement this seven-day weight-loss juicing diet plan, you will: Start losing weight without working out as hard Detox and cleanse your body and mind Rid the toxins from your body in just seven days Boost energy levels and not feel tired throughout the day See fast weight loss results in just one week (up to 14 lbs) Get excited about eating healthy - every time!

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