Joint Support with hyaluronic Acid – HYALURONIC Acid BIO-Available – Skin Hydration Support – hyaluronic Acid for Joints Skin & Eyes – 2 Bottles 120 Capsules

joint support with hyaluronic acid - HYALURONIC ACID BIO-AVAILABLE - SKIN HYDRATION SUPPORT - hyaluronic acid for joints skin & eyes - 2 Bottles 120 Capsules HYALURONIC ACID: Hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in the human body. Classified as a polysaccharide (a type of carbohydrate molecule), hyaluronic acid occurs in high concentrations in the skin, joints, and eye fluids. A key function of hyaluronic acid is to help lubricate joints, skin, and the eyes. SKIN SUPPORT VITAMINS: Hyaluronic acid is a key player in maintaining skin hydration, due to it's capabilities of reducing water loss in sun-damaged skin. Studies have shown that hyaluronic acid supplements directly help to increase skin moisture in the form of skin smoothness, tone and texture. JOIN SUPPORT SUPPLEMENTS: Hyaluronic acid is abundant and available to use when we're young, but as we age, the amount that naturally occurs in the body diminishes. Found in between the joints, hyaluronic acid acts as a buffer for the joint itself. Increasing the amount of hyaluronic acid in our diet through supplemental use us one way to ensure joints move better! ANTI INFLAMMATORY SUPPORT: Hyaluronic acid is said to help suppress inflammation by fighting pro-inflammatory compounds. Some studies show that hyaluronic acid can fight off both acute as well chronic inflammation. It's modulatory role in the body's inflammatory process could be responsible for this protective effect.

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