Interpersonal Communication and Human Relationships: 3 Books in 1 – Emotional Intelligence, How to Analyze People, Empath (EI 2.0)

★ ★ Buy the Paperback version of this book, and get the kindle eBook version included for FREE**Emotional IntelligenceWe all have different traits, needs, desires and ways of expressing our emotions or feelings. Navigating through all these aspects takes cleverness and tact, especially when you want to succeed in life. At this point is where emotional intelligence becomes essential. We know of some people who can interact with another person and immediately make the other person feel special. These people will never be aware that they are appropriately applying their emotional intelligence abilities. It has been discovered that sensitive information is always far much critical than the intellect (IQ) and it can be enhanced later in a person with the appropriate supportive skills. How to Analyze PeopleHave you ever wanted to understand people in a new and better way? Your not alone as many others do too. This is a skill that not everyone has and it is a useful one as well because this can help you in your life. Many people have issues with things like the following:●Expectations ●Being able to read someone ●Being able to observe people These are skills that can help you be a more open person and have better social interactions and relationships with people as well. Having the ability to understand this as well as understanding how having a better emotional stability can help you resolve these issues as well as helping you with other issues that you have. This book is dedicated to showing you how you can get in touch with your emotions as well as being able to interact with people in a way that is healthy for you and will make it easier on you as well. This eliminates fear when you are wanting to talk to people and understand them better.EmpathExplore strategies for coping with emotional overload and exhaustion. Discover tips on shifting your own vibration, clearing energies, and develop techniques for creating barriers between yourself and the emotions of others. In this book we explore the various ways that being an Empath can affect our personal relationships, careers, and personal habits. Identify which coping mechanisms you currently have, whether good or bad. Learn how to develop those techniques for centering yourself that will work best for you on this journey. Make the commitment to work on recognizing your empathic abilities and trust that your higher-self is guiding you. You’ll be able to participate in life on a new level by simply understanding yourself and developing energetic boundaries. With the information provided here, you should be able to fully enjoy your deeper connection with others, and the ability to truly feel what others are experiencing. Use this as a guide to help you in the ways you respond to whatever life has to offer you, and for always treating others with compassion.

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