Instant Pot Vegan Cookbook: 10 Ingredients Recipes To  Help You Save Time & Money

Would you like a cookbook that can help you save time & money with your instant pot? This cookbook will show you how-to work smart and not hard using less than 10 main ingredients recipes and 30min prep time.On Budget? Each recipe uses 10 or less main affordable and tasty ingredients.No Time? Each recipe take 30 minutes or less to prepare from beginning to “yum!”. The heavy-lifting is all done for you by your instant pot.No Experience? Simple step-by-step instructions with helpful illustrations. You only need to prepare the ingredients and throw them into your instant pot and press the right button -Presto!No ideas? Plenty of tasty, delicious and healthy recipes from breakfast, one-pot mains, soups, snacks & desserts to keep your mealtime interesting time & time again.And so much more!With just 10 ingredients and 30 minutes you can enjoy any one of the delicious, healthy and mouthwatering favorites in this cookbook.Download and Transform your instant pot into your best kitchen helper ever! Scroll Up and Click the Buy Button.

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