In Praise of a Vegetarian Natural Healthy Diet – What Ancient Religions, Beliefs, Systems, and Philosophies Have to Say about Vegetarianism and Natural Healthy Diets

Table of Contents Introduction Well, Those Vegetarians… Ancient Diet System Rules Other factors contributing to Vegetarianism by choice The Importance of Milk Products in Your Diet Stuffing Yourself like a Lion Vegetarianism in the Bible and the Beliefs of the Great Masters Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction I was talking of the benefits of a vegetarian diet to a friend of mine, and after listening to me patiently for about 3 minutes, she said something on the lines of an old ancient vernacular aphorism – after gulping down a 100 mice, the cat decided to go on a pilgrimage! Thereby implying that the cat had managed to enjoy itself in the fleshpots of materialism and worldliness, literally and figuratively, and then suddenly decided to go all spiritual and pious, eschewing the pleasures of the table. Because after she had come back from her pilgrimage, the cat would be considered a Holy person, and could never go back to her diet of mice, literally! According to her, I who came under the category of 100 hundred percent omnivorous, trying out any dish, if it was nutritious, natural, and people had been eating it for ages, was no one to talk about a vegetarian diet unless I change my lifestyle completely without any meat forever. Now, are you prepared to do that? And I mean no more delicious barbecues, pot roast, juicy sausages, ham, bacon, turkey, venison, partridges stuffed with almonds and raisins, and dollops of butter spread all over a delicious meat gravy ever?

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