How to Lose Everything

"Hot Little Rocket is Calgary's hottest band, and their unique and catchy sound is quickly becoming well known throughout the country." -- "An epic energy ... denser guitars and epic walls of drums support Andrew Wedderburn's vocals. From the infectious build of `Like Killers' to the clicking rhythm of `Sleep Today,' Hot Little Rocket have created an album worthy of its big name producer [Steve Albini]." -- Exclaim Featured Album Review "An example of no-nonsense rock songwriting. Wedderburn's vowel-laden phrasing is still as idiosyncratic as ever. How To Lose Everything is worth picking up just to hear `It Gets Dark,' a slow-moving ode to being in a movie about a band. Sure, Hot Little Rocket has been around for a long time, but '90s throwback indie rock this isn't." -- Edmonton Journal (HHHH) "At the core of the album is near flawless songwriting ... unassumingly brilliant storytelling. With massive guitars, a jaw-dropping stereo spread, and surprisingly effective dry vocal treatment, [How To Lose Everything] sounds fantastic." -- FFWD Hot Little Rocket is one of the longest running and most beloved bands ever to emerge from the Western Canadian rock scene. For almost nine years, the band's unforgettable songs and jarring live performances have stuck in the ears and hearts of indie rockers all across the country. In 2006, Hot Little Rocket spent a week in Chicago with legendary recording engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, Stooges) and came out with How To Lose Everything--not only their best album to date but the benchmark of a long-running band finally coming into its own. Hot Little Rocket has piled up road experience like some kind of loud, skinny hockey franchise, traveling back and forth across Canada and sharing the stage with Spoon, Modest Mouse, The Weakerthans, and Hot Hot Heat, to name a few. After the initial Canadian release of the Laika EP in 2000, the band's debut full-length Danish Documentary (2001) reached #17 on the Earshotnational charts. The next album, 2003's Our Work and Why We Do It, peaked nationally at #9. How To Lose Everything marks the group's first formal release in the US. That signature "Albini sound" finally captures the strength of Hot Little Rocket's gob-smackingly energetic live show like never before. Features the singles "Like Killers" and "Sleep Today."

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