Healthy Choice.50 Vegetarian Delicious Vegetarian Salads

Dear Customer! There are two versions of paperback books- Black and White version and Full Color.Please click on "See all 3 formats and editions" and then choose one which you liked the most. Healthy eating, the fastest growing lifestyle trend. Environmentalists, celebrities, famous athletes – everyone is doing it and with good reason. Healthy Choice is a lifestyle and diet that benefits both the individual and the planet. However, the prospect of healthy man or cooking natural meals may be a little daunting, so we've put together the ultimate cookbook which includes recipes inspired by global cultures. Don't worry about having limited kitchen experience or time on your hands because these quick and easy recipes are accessible to all, utilizing fresh and easy to find, inexpensive but high-quality ingredients for a compilation of hearty, balanced and wholesome meals. Whether you're a busy mother in need of quick and easy meals to prepare at home, or a fresh face to the vegan diet, this book and its 50 delicious recipes will have you covered! This recipe book is the perfect kitchen cookbook companion for experienced cooks and newbies alike, don't doubt your skills and embrace this vibrant and healthy way of living and enjoying wholesome food – Join the food revolution that is the healthy lifestyle and choose health, for you, your family and the planet!

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