Habit That!: How You Can Health Up in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Healthy living nowadays seems to require spending one hour a day exercising, one hour doing yoga, and one hour shopping for or cooking an organic meal (plus eight hours of sleeping and some quality time with family). Who has time for that? If you have just five minutes a day, Dr. Jaime Hope can help you be healthier and still live your life. In Habit That!, Dr. Hope will teach you how to fight against waning motivation and overcome the inevitable roadblocks on the path to healthy living. You’ll discover how simple, sustainable habits can reinforce the four pillars of health—eat, sleep, burn, and release—and support you in your daily life. Whether you’re a busy mother of three or a recent retiree looking to get the most out of your twilight years, this book offers a range of tips and exercises you can use to start making a difference in your life today. Go live it up!

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