Good Decisions Most of the Time: Because Life Is Too Short Not to Eat Chocolate (More Then Just a Nutrition Book)

Get this blueprint on how to make peace with food, achieve the vision of your best self, and live your best life. When Danielle Brooks became a nutritional therapist she was so excited to begin helping people she could hardly restrain herself. She would sit down with a client and customize the perfect diet just for them. Then, two weeks later, her client would return frustrated and upset because they just couldn't do it. This was when she realized she was trained on how to create a diet, not how to help people implement the diet. It wasn't until she was seeing a counselor for personal reasons that she stumbled onto "The Psychology of Food" and discovered the mental aspects of weight loss and behaviors around food. She learned how certain methods and practices could help her clients overcome the mental hurdles involved with sugar cravings and junk food binges. This practice has given her clients immediate results and a "can do" spirit that has been amazing to watch.

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