Gluten Free Road Food: Your guide to eating wheat and gluten-free on the go.

This guide includes gluten-free menu items from more than 90 of the nation's top chain restaurants. Whether you're a business traveler or just love vacationing, it can be difficult to manage a gluten-free diet when you are away from home. Our hope is that this guidebook will help you find something to eat no matter where you are. We researched the nation's top restaurants and chains to compile this list of gluten-free menus. You will recognize names like Wendy's, Arby's, Olive Garden, and Applebee's. And you may find a few new restaurants as well. And the good news is - no matter where you are - you are probably not that far from at least a handful of these establishments. Thankfully, more and more restaurants are posting allergen statements and gluten-free choices on their websites. Whenever you are out (even if you have your Gluten Free Road Food book with you), ask your server to see the gluten-free menu. If they have one, you can let out a friendly "Yahoo- thank you!" and if they don't, you probably won't be the first person who has asked about gluten-free food choices. Hopefully they will get the message: we are out there, and we are hungry! Please note that we do not guarantee, nor do these restaurants guarantee that any food you order from this list will be completely gluten-free, but we have used this guide successfully to eat gluten-free while on the road and hope you can too!

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