Global Healing Center Oxy-Powder Oxygen Based Safe and Natural Colon Cleanser and Relief from Occasional Constipation (120 Capsules)

Oxy-Powder Oxygen Based Intestinal Cleanser is the ultimate all-natural oxygen colon cleanser. It can help gently ease intestinal compaction, bloating and other bowel related symptoms. Oxy-Powder is gentle, yet extremely powerful and is by far the safest and most effective way to remove accumulated waste matter and toxins from the colon. The cleansing power of oxygen literally bubbles away years of compacted toxic matter lining the walls of the small and large intestines. This leaves you with a clean, refreshed and healthier colon. Oxy-Powder Oxygen Based Intestinal Cleanser releases beneficial nascent oxygen to provide relief for symptoms of occasional constipation. This advanced formula has been specifically formulated to melt away compacted waste safely and effectively. Cleansing with Oxy-Powder can: Cleanse, Refresh, and Detoxify Eliminate Colon-Clogging Waste Help Restore and Maintain Regularity Boost Your Immune System Maximize Absorption Of Vital Nutrients Renew Vitality Only colon cleansing product backed by real Clinical Studies on safety, constipation and IBS. Does not contain harmful herbs which can damage the delicate intestinal lining Cleanses, flushes, and detoxifies your colon while you SLEEP - How easy is that! Requires no mixing or drinking horrible tasting concoctions Does not require taking time off from work or interrupting your daily schedule Reduces uncomfortable bloating and excess gas, which flattens the stomach! Can be used safely 2-3 times weekly to maintain normal bowel function or flush-out heavy meals after episodes of overeating. Weekly use prevents food from putrefying, fermenting and turning rancid in your bowels, which causes toxins to leak into your body. Lifts out and bubbles away the deep-seated toxic buildup lining intestinal walls Cleanses the whole digestive tract - not just the colon! Maintains intestinal harmony while promoting

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