Get Your Fats Straight: Why skim milk is making you fat and giving you heart disease plus the three simple steps for using healthy fats to lose … energy! (The Healthy Home Economist® Guide)

In THE HEALTHY HOME ECONOMIST® GUIDE: GET YOUR FATS STRAIGHT, Sarah Pope quickly identifies how the low-fat movement got its start and the devastating health effects it is having on people in our society today. She beats back the arguments made to convince you to eat low-fat and presents simple, practical advice on the first three steps you need to take to regain your own health, if you have lost it, or raise children to be healthy and fulfill their physical potential. Maybe you are wondering why obesity is rampant and heart disease and cancer, even in the young, seem uncontrollable. Maybe you are wondering why so many people suffer from chronic illness and lack energy. Or maybe you just want to get on with your life with greater vitality and a strong immune system so you can handle whatever comes your way. Whichever is the case for you, this book will guide you to cost-effectively get your fats straight in order to experience a new lease on life for yourself as well as the comfort to know that your loved ones will have the best chance to live their lives to their fullest physical potential too.

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