Garden Greens Wheat Grass Liquid with Real Ginger Extract, Nature’s Perfect Superfood, 32 servings

Garden Greens Wheat Grass Liquid is a healthy ginger drink concentrate which acts as a rich source of chlorophyll and enzymes. This naturally-alkalizing supplement is made with freeze-dried, fresh, young wheat grass to help neutralize toxins. Additionally, wheat grass is often referred to as "liquid sunshine" and is such a great way to intake more Vitamins C and K (which are important to blood health). Not to mention this refreshing, lemon-flavored concentrate supports better digestion and promotes general well-being. What a nutritious shot of health! This includes 32 servings. Garden Greens is part of Windmill Health Products and offers an extensive, gold-standard line of supplements and efficacious formulas. Their products, which provide high ORAC values, plus whole foods like superfruits and vegetables, come in the forms of high antioxidant liquids, powder drink mixes, gummies, chews and capsules to support health, vitality, cleansing, and weight management.

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