Food Heals: Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Stories to Nourish Your Soul and Transform Your Health

Witnessing her mother and father -- in short succession -- lose their lives to cancer, Allison Melody endured significant trauma in her 20s.Why did their bodies fail them? Why did the doctors have no answers?This tragic loss instilled in Allison an unwavering passion for nutrition and propelled her into the world of holistic health and healing.She vowed to honor her parents' memory by dedicating her life to finding a way to heal the body naturally. After interviewing hundreds who have healed themselves of chronic and degenerative diseases for her film Powered By Plants and podcast Food Heals, Allison now firmly believes that the body has the ability to heal itself when given the tools it needs to do so.The intimate and uplifting true stories in this book are a must-read for anyone who is dealing with disease, stress, or any health imbalance and is looking for motivation, education, and inspiration to take their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being into their own hands.Praise for Food Heals:"Stories of healing, like those shared in Food Heals, give hope and encourage the reader to tap into their own personal strength. If you are seeking to thrive in your life, not simply survive, you will find Food Heals to be a great source of inspiration!"- Elissa GoodmanHolistic Nutritionist & Author of Cancer Hacks"Food Heals uses the power of personal storytelling to share lessons in health, wellness, and life. Allison's work with Food Heals will help readers connect, learn, and discover. This book inspires hope that no matter what you are going through -- healing is possible and what you eat most certainly does matter!"- Kathy PatalskyFounder of Finding Vegan & Author of Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen"With her Chelsea Handler-like quick wit, Allison takes her pain and turns it into her purpose. With a little humor and a lot of healing tools, Food Heals will truly change the way you think about health."- Jordan HarbingerJournalist, Radio Personality & Host of The Jordan Harbinger Show"Food Heals is an excellent guide for healing your body, mind, and soul. Read it and feel empowered to move forward in every way!"- Kathy FrestonWellness Activist & New York Times Bestselling Author"Food Heals brings together healing stories from across the world into an easy-to-understand, relatable book. While we are all different and unique, there is an underlying connection and shared experience between us that is so beautiful, complex, and deep. Allison captures those stories in this book and reminds us that no matter our health challenges, we are not alone and we can heal ourselves -- body, mind, and spirit!"- Katie KrimitsosProducer & Host of Women's Meditation Network"Allison is truly creating a food revolution with her books, podcasts, and films. Food Heals will change everything you think you know about healing."- Kerri KasemTV Personality, Radio Host & Wellness Expert"With this book, Allison continues to set the wellness world on fire."- John Lee Dumas & Kate EricksonFounders of Entrepreneurs On Fire"Losing your parents at an early age can be earth-shattering -- I can attest from personal experience. In Food Heals, Allison shows us that your biggest trauma can lead to your biggest triumph as she takes us on her journey from losing everything to rebuilding her life with candor and style."- Michael O'NealHost of Solopreneur HourFeaturing Stories By:HAL ELRODJOHN SALLEYJOE CROSSSAHARA ROSECHRIS WARKAMIE VALPONELESLIE DURSOJASON WROBELSOPHIE ULIANOWHITNEY LAURITSENAnd More!It's time to take your health and well-being back into your own hands!

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