Food for Life: Transitional Recipes for Food Combining and Blood Typing

Food For Life - Transitional Recipes for Food Combining and Blood Typing is a beautifully hardbound, unique cookbook featuring 90 boldy flavored, easy to prepare, and familiar comfort food recipes that happen to all be properly combined and blood type indicated. All of the recipes are sugar, dairy, salt and wheat free; completely health conscious. This book is an excellent choice for those who know that flavor and taste can go hand-in-hand with healthy cooking. In addition to the recipes, there are stunning full-color photos, food fact sheets featuring nutritional data, market and kitchen tips, therapeutic benefits and comprehensive information about ingredients and techniques, making this an accessible book for cooks of any level. This all purpose cookbook is definitely a collector's item for those looking for delicious new ways of preparing an extensive array of appetizers, soups, side and main dishes, and salads.

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