Fighting Fat With Fearless Faith

DISCOVER HOW TO BE TRULY TRANSFORMED! Have you wrestled with the following thoughts? • What if I fail at trying to lose weight? • I am so heavy that I will never achieve my goal! • What if people criticize me for losing weight? • I have tried losing weight over and over again. What makes me think I will be able to do so this time? • What if I hit a plateau? Fighting Fat with Fearless Faith is a program providing you with a battle plan to permanently conquer the weight battle! In Fighting Fat with Fearless Faith, Christy Taylor relates her weight-loss journey losing 137 pounds and keeping it off for over 5 years. Christy shares past diet mishaps and her discovery of the right way to be permanently transformed. Here is her story of finding faith and conquering the weight battle. You’ll find thoughts from her prayer journals and strategies on how she lost the weight. A Valiant Woman Warrior understands her faith in battle can’t be compromised because many spiritual battles will arise throughout her life, requiring faith to defeat them. Fearless faith marches forward, wholeheartedly believing the Creator is fighting the fight in all aspects of life. Learn 10 Combat Maneuvers that will equip you to be Combat-Ready and defeat the enemy in your battle with weight. You will… • Understand how the weight battle started, what spiritual warfare is, and who your enemy is. • Acknowledge your personal responsibility for your body, God’s Temple. • Assess your current status in relation to your spiritual and physical health. • Commit and surrender absolutely to defeat the enemy. • Envision and plan your path to victory with a personalized mission statement and battle-plan. • Proclaim fearless faith by standing firm on the foundation of faith and the mission of love. • Embrace accountability and support from your weight-loss battle companion, the Holy Spirit, and your Battle-Buddies. • Prep for battle by getting armored up, spiritually nourished, and faithfully fit. • Execute various battle-strategies to be Battle-Ready. • Persevere by marching forward to victory! This program is about renewing your mind. Once your mind is right with God, everything else falls into place!

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