Feet, Fork, and Fun: How to Fail Your Way to Fitness

THE BOOK WE "LOSERS" HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR   Do you have the best intentions to be healthy? Have you exhausted numerous health fads that simply did not work? Do you think being healthy, happy and fit is something that will never happen for you? Wrong! You found Feet, Fork, and Fun at the perfect time. Vibrant health, optimal energy, and the ability to thrive in all areas of your life is waiting for you to take that next step; the next step as you climb your mountain towards optimal wellness. In Feet, Fork & Fun: How To Fail Your Way To Fitness, world class mountaineer, chiropractor, teacher, health guru, natural medicine advocate, and author of Lessons From Everest, Dr. Tim Warren reveals the simple, doable, and step-by-step secrets to a healthier, happier you. In fact, “failing” can be just another stepping stone to attaining amazing health and fitness goals and the steps can be as easy to implement as:   ·         Making a decision right now to improve just one aspect of your life to shift your world. ·         Luxuriate yourself. ·         Embrace your fitness “slips”. ·         Eat MORE fat. (That’s not a typo.) ·         Crack up (Laughter is great medicine)·          ·         GET OUT OF HERE: The best gym you’ll ever find is outside.   Feet, Fork & Fun: How To Fail Your Way To Fitness is the product of decades of Dr. Tim Warren’s experience, research, and first hand knowledge from caring for over  250, 000 people. With his wisdom and simple tools, you can optimize your health, your wellness, and your life…no matter how often you’ve failed before.

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