Fart Free Vegan: Food Combining for Detox, Weight Loss and More Energy

In Fart Free Vegan you will learn:- 5 common vegan food mistakes that create gas- How food combining impacts your health and weight- What causes gas and indigestion?- The classifications of foods and how the body digests each category differently- A quick tour of your digestive system while it breaks down a typical vegan meal- The 5 simple food combining rules for a happy bellyPlus a free bonus: a printable food quick reference chart with foods classified by digestive category and food combining rules to keep at your fingertips.Are you following a healthy raw or vegan diet and failing to see the success or improvements that you expected?Are the nutritious foods you're eating making you bloated and full of gas?Did you know that your digestive system is designed to break down foods in a precise way? No matter how healthy the food you are eating, you willhave gas and bloating if you break these rules.This book will introduce you to the science of food combining customized for a vegan diet. You'll understand how your digestive system works and what happens when incompatible foods are eaten in one meal (GAS!).Our digestive system developed before we had buffets, grand slam breakfasts, drive-thru fast food and four course dinners. This book shows the way food needs to be eaten and in what combinations to have optimal digestion, minimal gas and great health.Fart Free Vegan will help you get off of the indigestion supplement treadmill. Probiotics, apple cider vinegar, hydrochloric acid, enzymes and charcoal tablets won't cure our indigestion problems.The rules of proper food combining are the foundation of a harmonious digestive system and vibrant health. We may need supplements to pick us up along the way, but the way to optimal health, is to eat in harmony with our digestive system's principles.A Very Simple Change Brings ResultsNo matter how healthy your diet and lifestyle, undigested foods putrefy, ferment, produce gas and indigestion and manufacture toxic bacteria in our gut. This leads to low energy, premature aging, weight gain and poor health.In Fart Free Vegan, Jon shares an important tool that he used to reverse a four year case of chronic fatigue. When he first started on a raw vegan diet, it was a dismal failure. He couldn't shake the discomfort of the gas and bloating after every meal. He knew that he had found the right diet, but only by implementing a few simple food combining rules did he see progress towards wellness.Examples include the common food combining mistakes that vegans make every day in their green smoothies, granolas and even their salads. And provides simple methods and alternatives so you can keep eating the foods you love, and lose the gas and indigestion.Fart Free Vegan provides solutions which will increase your awareness of the categories of food as determined by our body's ability to use enzymes and gastric fluids to harvest nutrients. The common vegan foods are categorized and simple rules of combining for healthy and efficient digestion are presented in an easy to follow format.This book is written for raw foodies and vegans, but anyone can benefit from more knowledge of our digestive system. No matter what you eat, combining foods properly for a happy digestive system will reward you with abundant energy, effortless weight control and vibrant health.

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