Everything You Wanted to Know About Coffee Enemas

The procedure of rectal cleansing through an enema is not a new concept to any of us. While many of us may never have used it, there are others who swear by the benefits of having an occasional enema to get rid of accumulated waste material. The latest thing in rectal cleansing is the coffee enema. While enemas are done mostly with warm water, this one involves inserting coffee via the anus to cleanse the rectum and the large intestine. Furthermore, coffee enemas are supposed to help treat and prevent cancer and are, in fact, being used by The Gerson Institute as a key part in treating patients with cancer. So, does coffee enema indeed help fight cancer? What other benefits can you expect from a coffee enema? How is it done, and what do you need to do one? Should you give it a try? Make an informed decision about using coffee for rectal cleansing by listening to this book.

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