Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shakes, French Vanilla, 6 Shakes, 11-Ounce Box (Pack of 2)

A Delicious Addition to Your Healthy Lifestyle/Diet and Exercise Are The Keys to Achieving and Maintaining A Healthy Weight and Lifestyle. Equate Weight Loss Shakes Are A Delicious Way to Help You Lose Weight Or Simply Keep The Extra Pounds Off By Controlling Your Calorie Intake. Enjoy The Smooth, Rich Taste of Equate Weight Loss Shakes According to Your Own Diet Plan. For Weight Loss, Try Replacing One Or Two Meals A Day With A Great-Tasting Shake, Then Eat Sensibly The Rest of The Day. Or Use A Shake As A Convenient Snack to Help You Stay On Track. Each Shake Is An Excellent Source of Calcium. Enjoy Equate Weight Loss Shake As Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle.

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