EHPLabs Anti-Bloating Diuretic for Women (60 Capsules) Advanced Herbal Diuretic and Muscle Defining Formula, Remove Excess Subcutaneous Water Weight – 30 Servings

H2Drop Anti-Bloating Diuretic for Women is an effective natural anti-bloating, detoxifying and diuretic formula that assists with removing excessive gas and subcutaneous water weight from the body.The scientifically studied combination of Uva Ursi, Dandelion Extract, Corn Silk and Cranberry Extract has been specifically formulated for women to ensure that the correct antioxidant, electrolyte and water osmotic balance is maintained in the body, whilst also ensuring optimal functioning of the female hormone system.The addition of Juniper Berries assists with decreasing inflammation and stomach gas, and may relieve symptoms of bloating and water retention.H2Drop is a versatile supplement and can be used to reduce stomach bloating, assist with progressive and steady water weight loss, or if used for advanced competition level preparation, it can act as a potent catalyst for quickly dropping water weight to achieve the desired "dry" look.Look lean, hard and dry. It's easy with H2Drop.

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