Eat Like A Champ: A Plant-Based Nutrition Guide for the Part-Time Vegetarian (Volume 2)

Are you curious about plant-based diets? Do you want to improve your health? Are you looking to lose some weight? Would you like to avoid extreme changes to your diet and still enjoy an occasional hamburger? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you should consider becoming a part-time vegetarian. It’s time to Eat Like A Champ! Adding more plant-based meals to your diet can be a wellness game-changer and it doesn’t have to be difficult. By making small, simple changes you can gradually add more vegetarian options without eliminating animal protein completely. This book will help you: • Learn about the benefits of eating more plant-based meals • Adopt strategies to incorporate vegetarian nutrition habits • Transform your kitchen with delicious and satisfying meatless food • Discover how to select high quality sources of animal protein • Cook healthy meals with more than 75 recipes to choose from Eat Like A Champ will provide the tools you need to develop healthy eating habits and embrace the part-time vegetarian way of life, including over 75 nutritious recipes for soups, salads, snacks, meatless mains, and a few flexitarian favorites. As you eat more plant-based meals, you may lower your risk of chronic disease, increase your energy, save money on groceries, and even lose weight.

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