Donate Your Weight: The Stress-Free Program to Stop Dieting, Get Slim, and Help Others While Doing It

Say good-bye to the pain and suffering of traditional dieting. With Donate Your Weight, you will healthfully arrive at your ideal weight with ease. There are no food plans and no crash diets. Instead, you focus on your attitudes about weight and self-talk as well as a healthy lifestyle. These changes allow you to eat anything in moderation, take good care of yourself, and feel great.Donate Your Weight is packed with the motivation to move from food obsession to food freedom. In a sensible, supportive way, Sheri O. Zampelli walks you through the challenges and obstacles to weight loss and shows how a change of attitude will set you on the right path.Zampelli outlines seven stress-free slimming strategies and shifts the focus away from weight loss to positive steps for creating a thinner, healthier you. Each time you use one of the slimming strategies, you celebrate your success by "donating" a small amount of money into a charity jar, which you'll eventually donate to a worthy cause. This radically successful approach to permanent weight loss will help you build healthy, lifelong habits, achieve your weight-reduction goals, and know all along that as you help yourself, you're also helping others.

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