DASH Diet Action Plan: A Beginner’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss, Lower Blood Pressure, and Better Health – Includes Recipes and Meal Plans

Find out why the DASH diet was named the diet of the year by US News and World Report for the fourth year in a row! If you're dealing with high blood pressure or excess weight, the DASH diet could very well be the tool you need to finally overcome these debilitating health issues. In fact, the DASH diet has been proven to lower blood pressure as well as reduce the need for first-line medications in as little as 14 days. Author and personal trainer David Ortner provides a totally comprehensive guide packed with information on why and how the DASH diet works and how to make it a part of anyone's life. His book contains shopping and cooking guides, meal plans, and tips on maximizing and sticking with the DASH diet for incredible long-term results.

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