Daily Food Journal: Calorie Burn Tracker, Food Diary Planner, Food Log, Space For Meals, Amounts, Calories, Body Weight, Exercise & Calories Burnt; … Meds, Water, Cute Unicorns Cover (Volume 67)

Are you are really serious about making changes to your diet and losing weight? Then starting a food journal can help. It may sound too good to be true, but many experts say that the simple act of keeping a food diary can encourage you to eat fewer calories -- and thus lose weight.Here’s how our Food Journal can be helpful in meeting your weight loss goals:VERSATILE: Whether you are on a ketogenic diet, paleo diet or mediterranean diet, keeping a food log has been proven to be one of the most effective tools for people to make lifestyle choices in regard to the healthy consumption of food. An ideal gift for someone working on losing weight or simply maintaining a healthier diet.USEFUL & CONVENIENT – Keeping a diary helps you and your doctor understand your eating habits. What better way to write a journal than doing it the old fashion way? There’s nothing more personal than journaling with a pen and paper.Simple and easy to use, the two pager per day layout is waiting to be filled with:- Week- - Day of Week- Water Consumed- Breakfast Amount & Calories- Total Breakfast Calories- Lunch Amount & Calories- Total Lunch Calories- Dinner Amount & Calories- Total Dinner Calories- Snacks, Amount & Calories- Total Snack Calories- Total Calories Consumed Each Day- Exercise, Activity, Duration and Calories Burnt- Vitamins & MedicationA NOTEBOOK BUILT TO LAST- We want your journal to last a long time so you can always look back on your previous entries without the worry that it will fall apart. The sturdy cover is made of tough paperback with strong, secure professional trade binding so the pages won’t fall out after a few months of use.WELL-CRAFTED INTERIOR- With a page to input personal details and 180 pages (2 pages/day) to record your daily entries, we only used thick, white paper to avoid ink bleed-through. The columns are clearly marked to make it easy to fill out and to cross reference.PERFECT SIZE- With its 15.24 x 22.86 cm (6" x 9") dimensions, you can squeeze it into a purse with ease. Lightweight and durable, it’s the perfect size to carry!COOL COVERS!- To top it all, we have an array of cover designs for you to choose from. Get inspired by our collection of truly creative book covers.We stand for quality and aim to provide the best writing experience with our notebooks. With many studies showing that people who keep food journals are more likely to be successful in losing weight and keeping it off, using our Food Journal will help you achieve the results you want and deserve. Get a copy now!

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