Confessions of a Couch Potato

A hysterical memoir of growing up as a husky . . . plump . . .heavy-set . . . OK, FAT! child, who struggled with weight problems through adulthood, Stephen Furst shares his tips and recipes for how he went from an out-of-control 320-pound person with diabetes, to his lean, mean, low-fat eating machine of 175. A self-help cookbook of epic proportions­­or actually, epic portions­­filled with all kinds of tips and anecdotes, it includes everything from real recipes (such as cheesecake, soup, and pasta) to how to get through the holidays without killing yourself instead of your relatives. You've tried everything else­­try laughing your way to better health. Stephen Furst has been an actor for the past 23 years, starring in the classic movie comedy Animal House and two multiaward-winning television series­­"St. Elsewhere" and "Babylon 5."

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