Clifbar Clif Bars – 12 Pack Chocolate Chip Crunch, One Size

Clif Bar's flagship product, the Clif Bar, isn't dry and doesn't taste like sawdust, like so many energy bars. This flavorful, moist bar features 70% organic ingredients, protein, vitamins, and minerals to get you through your bike ride, daylong hike, or workday. Get a 12-pack of your favorite fruity, chocolaty, or nutty concoction.Product FeaturesServing Size: Servings Per Container: Pouch Cook: Calories: 250Total Carbohydrates: 44 gTotal Fat: 5 gSaturated Fat: Protein: 10 gSodium: 110 mgCholesterol: Dietary Fiber: 5 gSugars: Potassium: 310 mgVegetarian: Vegan: Allergens: Weight: Recommended Use: preventing bonking on the trail or at your desk

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