Cinnamon Plus with Green Coffee Berry, 90 capsules

Cinnamon PlusTM is a potent combination of standardized cinnamon extract, green coffee extract, and banaba extract to support healthy glucose metabolism and weight management.* Cinnamon PlusTM with Green Coffee and Banaba supports healthy blood sugar metabolism and assists weight management. It is designed to promote the liver burn fat instead of produce sugar.* This specialty supplement harnesses the power of cinnamon, green coffee berry (decaffeinated), and banaba leaf extracts. It is made with CinnulinPF®, the only clinically tested cinnamon extract on the market.* Cinnamon extract is proven to have a positive influence on proper insulin function. This includes natural support for healthy blood pressure and healthy metabolism of lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides). Studies have also shown that cinnamon improves the body's antioxidant status and supports normal fasting glucose levels.* Cinnamon PlusTM includes a standardized green coffee bean extract, another rich source of antioxidant polyphenols. Green coffee extract supports healthy glucose function, cholesterol metabolism, and blood pressure function.* The third component of our unique Cinnamon PlusTM supplement is a clinically tested standardized extract of banaba leaf. This plant grows in the Philippines and has a long use in folk medicine. It is standardized to contain one percent corosolic acid and a special ellagitannin called lagerstroemin. These nutrients assist in the normal function of glucose transporter proteins (GLUT4 in particular), supporting the normal uptake of glucose into muscle cells and adipose tissue for energy production.* Human tests demonstrate banaba leaf's effectiveness to support healthy blood sugar metabolism.*

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