Celiac Disease: Safe/Unsafe Food List and Essential Information On Living With A Gluten Free Diet

If you are diagnosed with Celiac [Coeliac] Disease or simply gluten sensitive, you will not want to go without this crucial guide, and definitely never do any grocery shopping without this guide. The most comprehensive and accurate safe/unsafe list to date, this guide is the ultimate tool in managing a gluten free diet. The author, also a Celiac, Certified Nutritionist, and Natural Health Consultant, has researched exhaustively every safe and unsafe ingredient found in food and delivered that comprehensive list to you, even pointing out where other lists, including the one's provided by major Celiac associations, go wrong which can cause you to stay sick forever. Note: this is not a grocery guide, as those can be outdated before even printed because manufacturers change ingredients often and without warning. This guide indicates actual ingredients you will check on labels - which is the only way to manage a gluten free diet safely. The A to Z list makes it incredibly easy to check labels anywhere, even when traveling - and it comes in a convenient pocket guide size to fit anywhere. Bonus material includes information regarding vitamin requirements, where to look for hidden dangers, avoiding cross-contamination, and awesome ideas on how to make a smooth, even enjoyable, transition to living a gluten free life - something only another Celiac [Coeliac] can truly understand. Order this book right now - it will be the best thing you ever do for your health. Make today the day you decide to experience a whole new level of Dynamic Energy...

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