Carb Cycling Recipe Book: A Woman’s 14 Day Jumpstart Plan

If you’re a woman who’s struggled to shed fat and keep it off, then keep readingHave you felt deprived with every attempt at losing weight you’ve made? The ability to reach your optimal weight (and stay there) is not only possible, it’ll likely be far less effort than you’ve ever put in before. Carb cycling allows you to continue enjoying delicious foods, while utilizing carbohydrates to amplify your weight loss and gain muscle.Inside Carb Cycling Recipe Book you will learn: The different methods and basic science behind carb cyclingHow carb cycling specifically affects a woman’s body and hormonesThe mechanics behind the process that your body goes through and what to expectA practical guide to getting started, including: when and what to eat, a sample menu, macronutrient breakdown, best practices, and 20 delicious recipes for fat lossHow carb cycling can be adapted to your lifestyle, not the other way aroundTips for staying motivated and on track during social outings, vacations, etc.How carb cycling can help you maintain your desired weight after you’ve lost the fatThe positive effects on your general healthAnd much more!Even if you’re concerned this will just be another failed attempt for YOU, don’t worry because within my coaching experience I’ve watched incredible transformations take place in women of ALL different body types and motivation levels.Get ready to discover the solution to your weight loss struggles by scrolling up and clicking the BUY NOW button!

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