Bodybuilding Nutrition: 50 Meals, Snacks and Protein Shakes, Simple Meals to Build Muscle, High Protein Recipes For Getting Ripped, Vegetarian Protein Meals for Muscle Building

Optimal Nutrition = Optimal Gains I want more muscle building options and I wanted it simple. 50 recipes – Breakfasts first, then lunches, dinners and finally snacks which will include a range of protein-heavy shakes. As we all know building muscle size is a simple combination of hard training and nutrition. Put like that it sounds very easy. To go one step further with nutrition - we must consume more calories than we are burning in a single day - everyday. Otherwise there is no fuel to build additional muscle mass and we will never ever grow size. Most people know how to workout. Most people know the fundamentals for working each muscle group and allowing rest. However the part most people fall down on is nutrition. This is the first mistake a lot of newbies make when entering the world of muscle building. But not only newbies think they can train harder and still grow even though they aren’t consuming enough calories. I’ve seen many guys who workout for years and make no gains just because they hadn’t got their diet plan on point. Bodybuilding is nutrition and whether you want an extra two inches on your arms or you want to add 25lbs of overall muscle mass it is all about the food you ingest. Improving your workout technique is very important – absolutely and knowing when to rest is also vital in creating the physique you want, but if your nutrition isn’t nailed, it will all be for nothing. So with this book I wanted to create a fast, easy-to-hand reference guide that will work alongside my previous book ‘How To Build The Rugby Player Body’. So scroll up - get this book and get on the road to building serious muscle size!

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