Blood Type Diet: O, A, B, AB Eating The Best Recipes To Make You Healthy: Lose Weight, Be Healthier And Stronger With The Blood Type Diet Guide

The aim of this book is to dispense as much information as possible on the Blood Type diet. It is a pretty controversial diet and this book seeks to dispel some fallacies and just present the facts on the diet. The main premise is that you should eat foods based on your blood type. It is said to be the most beneficial way to stay healthy and lose weight. It is also the only way to prevent certain diseases from occurring in the long run. The major blood types are looked at in detail and the pros and cons of each diet option outlined. The decision to follow the diet is left up to the reader. The author not only writes on the topic but also makes references to certain studies that have been done on the subject. A lot of the information is easily relatable to other diet plans so you may even feel that you have heard it before. It is a wonderful guide on the topic and provides enough information for any reader to make an informed decision. Not only is information provided but sample menus for each blood type is provided as well that serve as a guide on how the foods allowed should be consumed.

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