Blood Type Diet : A Guide To Eating For Your Blood Type: Blood Type Diet For A Healthy Life

WITHDRAWN FROM SALE Adequate food consumption and exercise forms the basis of the Blood Type Diet. What is to be eaten as well as the exercise mode while on this type of diet is dependent upon the individual. It is believed that if the person has O blood type, lean meats, fish and poultry will be good for their metabolism. A vegetarian diet is best for person with blood type A. This should include grains, organic vegetables and soy proteins. The body systems of blood type B individuals are known to be benefitted from low-fat dairy, meat and some types of produce. The most modern type of blood type, AB, is recommended to stay clear of most produce and meats such as pork, beef as well as chicken. However, they may eat and enjoy seafood, tofu and dairy. The adequacy of a diet for a certain blood type will be determined by lectin; this is food proteins which each individual or blood type digests differently. If one consume food which has lectins known to be incompatible with his or her blood type, issues may be experienced such as inflammation, bloating and also cancer and a slowdown of metabolism. It is highly recommended that the contents of this book be not only read but individuals should make every conscious attempt to find out what can be benefitted from the Blood Type Diet and control their personal health and well-being.

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