Become & Stay Fit Forever: The Holistic-Psychological  Aspect of the Problem

Did you find yourself struggling to get into your clothes? Is it time for a new keto diet, weight loss exercise and shaping up? You know you can do it. You already succeeded the last time, and the time before, and even before. You could say you're an expert in getting back into shape. Wait, you can't. You have those ten extra kilos again. Sound familiar?If you are one of those people who is always struggling with weight gain, counts every calorie, who has to work hard to lose some weight, just to put it back on again after a while, you are in the right place. In this book, we'll help you find the root of your problem, and solve it for good. So, when you finally get in shape again, you won't gain that extra weight back. We are going to break the cycle. We'll help you find out what's hidden in the background, and why you repeat the same process over and over again. Once you know what's the cause of it, you'll be able to face the right enemy.We will talk about:What's going on in your body and what's hiding under the surface of your weight problemYour relationship with food: emotional eating, comfort food, food addiction, etcSwitching bad eating habits to your real needs and creating new weight loss habitsHow to help yourself in shaping up using introspection, visualization, meditation, mindfulnessFat bombs diet from negativity and developing a positive mindset (cutting out negative thoughts and toxic feelings will do more for your health, the weight included, than cutting out calories)And much, much more! While the traditional approach to weight loss focuses only on the body, calories in versus calories out, like it's a separated mechanism, in this book, we suggest a different, unconventional approach - a holistic one. So, if you want to become and stay fit forever, you should begin from the inside and attach the best practice of weight loss for you. What we suggest as a universal cure for many problems, including weight, is finding inner peace. Once you become happy, calm, mindful, balanced and satisfied, the healthy lifestyle and healthy weight will follow, as a natural consequence of your correct mindset.                                                                    Table of contentsIntroduction What's going on in your body What's hiding under the surface?Relationship with foodThermostatEmotional eatingComfort foodFood addictionSwitching How to help yourself IntrospectionChange your goalsChange your beliefsVisualizationMeditationMindfulness Love yourselfExpress yourselfBreak boredom Diet from negativity and develop a positive mindsetConclusionNow scroll to the top of this page, click the «Buy now with 1-Click» button, and  BECOME FIT FOREVER!

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