Beat Chronic Disease: The Nutrition Solution: Use Functional Nutrition to Recover Your Health

Fleur Brown, Functional Nutritionist for nearly 25 years, shares her experience of helping thousands of clients with chronic health problems recover their health, vitality and well-being. She shows you how to: Become your own health detective to investigate the root causes of your problems; Take charge of your health holistically; Take steps to regain your well-being and live a full life without pain or excessive fatigue. Fleur explains the principles of functional nutrition and how to apply them so that her readers can understand and overcome their condition(s) based on her extensive clinical experience. She draws on detailed case histories to illustrate these principles and writes: 'Over the years, I have learnt and fine-tuned a new approach to helping my clients recover their health. This approach explores a wide range of the possible contributory factors that may be causing your health problems - not just diet. Using the clinical knowledge I have gained over many years, I would like to show you how to get back on the road to living a full life - a life without pain, a life with renewed vitality and energy, and with hope and a healthy future to look forward to.' Exploring the issues for you using Fleur Brown's personally developed protocols is what makes this book a unique resource for all those seeking answers.

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