Atkins Diet Plan: Atkins Diet Weight Loss Recipes for Beginners

The Condensed and Easy to Understand Guide to Atkins DietNew to Atkins Diet? Then this is the perfect book for you because it is direct to the point, concise and provides you with the needed and important information that you need to know to begin the Atkins Diet. If you are not a newbie when it comes to Atkins Diet, this is still a good book for you because it contains over 25 pieces of delicious recipes that is well-suited for any phase of the Atkins Diet.What are you going to learn from this book?This book talks about what the Atkins Diet is all about, it introduces you to how the Atkins diet came to be, and who inspired Dr. Atkins to create the diet that will also help him achieve his weight loss goals.The next portion of the book will help you understand the process of losing weight with the Atkins Diet. It also introduces you to the different stages of the diet, how you move on from one stage to another, the goals of each stage and importantly what types of food you need to incorporate in your diet in each stage.The next portion will provide you with amazingly delicious recipes that are rich in protein yet low in carbohydrates. Some of these recipes may not be applicable during the induction phase or the first phase of the diet because it contains alcohol, so be wary of these recipes.The next portion of the book contains vegetable recipes that are low in carbohydrate, rich in fiber, and vegetable recipes that would provide you with some of the needed vitamins and minerals you need to have a healthy diet. What’s great about these vegetable dishes are that they don’t take up too much of your carbohydrate allocation for the day.I hope that this book will help you achieve the weight loss goals that you are targeting.

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