Atkins Diet Journal & Food Diary, Set Goals – Track Progress – Get Results: Make the Days Count Diet journal and food diary, purple cover, 220 pages, track progress daily for 3 months.

The Atkins Diet is a flexible and workable diet plan to help you lose weight. The Atkins Diet has been used by numerous people for many years and was created by a doctor. Simply put, it works! Many say the Atkins Diet is the ultimate solution to losing weight, keeping it off, and feeling amazing, IIf you want to make sure you achieve your weight-loss or dieting goals, you can use this 8.5"x11" journal for to succeed with the Atkins Diet. This "food and exercise journal" allows you to log everything you eat and drink, mark down the exercise you do, count calories, carbs, etc. and track your progress daily and weekly. There is also a weekly diary page to jot down your thoughts and feelings. The 220 pages contain a full 2-page spread per day followed by a weekly summary. There is enough room for 13 weeks, or just over 3 months of daily tracking. At thev start of the journal you can write down your goals, your starting weight and measurements and there is even room for before and after photos to help your commitment. Studies have shown that conscientious tracking of your daily intake has a positive effect on results achieved and is a superb way to improve your commitment to changing your eating habits. This 220 page personal diet journal will help you set your weight-loss goals, track your progress daily/weekly and ultimately achieve the results you crave. Part of the Notebook not Ebook series with cover design by annumar - “Don't just Count the Days. Make the Days Count!" on a purple cover. Our notebooks all have a distinctive and often inspirational colorful cover. The notebook is perfect bound so that pages will not fall out and has a soft yet sturdy cover. To see our full range of notebooks and journals visit us at or click on the Amazon author link for Spicy Journals above.

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