All About  Ketogenic Diet: Learn If this Diet is Right for You or NOT and What Food Options do You Have (Black & White edition)

In All About Ketogenic diet, you will understand what you are getting into and how to make it as doable as possible to avoid failures than many Ketogenic dieters do. You also need to understand the difference between Ketogenic Diet and Low-carb diet since they are not the same and that partly explains why so many individuals fail to lose weight. In my book, I will explain to you the difference to avoid this trap. In All About Ketogenic Diet:  Learn If this Diet is Right for You or NOT and What Food Options do You Have you will learn from my own experience as “been there and done that” on how to tackle some of the Ketogenic diet side effects and how to resolve them.  You will also learn:   WHAT IS KETOGENIC DIET: Many dieters have several misconceptions about ketogenic diet but not anymore when you understand the facts behind it. KETOGENIC VS LOW-CARB DIET: Believe it or not, not everyone needs to follow a Ketogenic diet to lose weight or even control some neurological disorders such as epilepsy. Many individuals reach satisfactory results with low-carb diet and maybe you are one of them.  HOW TO TEST YOUR BLOOD FOR KETONES: This is a critical step you need to be good at so you know if you are in Ketosis or not. BEST FOODS FOR KETOGENIC DIET: Don’t trap yourself in very limited food choices and discover the many options you can have KETOGENIC DIET FOR FAST WEIGHT LOSS KETO DIET FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH particular NEEDS KETOGENIC DIET RECIPES FOR MEALS AND SNACKS: Here you will have many recipes with mouthwatering ketogenic meals to prepare for yourself. KETOGENIC DIET DESSERTS: Yes, you can definitely have desserts, but you need to be careful on how to go about it so not to ruin your Ketogenic diet.  MORE FOOD IDEAS WITH IMAGES: I wholeheartedly think this chapter is a must to help you to stay on Ketogenic diet for a very long time if you choose to. These Ketogenic and Low-carb diets food ideas are an archive of more than two years of my Keto-diet experience. I believe you will love it! IMPORTANT KETOGENIC DIET FAQ: In this chapter, I will answer some of the frequent and not so frequent questions and answers related to keto and low-carb diets. 

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