Alive Health Recipe Book: Healthy Eating On The Run

Give the gift of optimal health to yourself and your loved ones. The "Alive Health Recipe Book" provides alternatives to the foods America loves to eat. Each of the 115 recipes are wheat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, artificial sweetener-free, and best of all, guilt-free. It's a recipe book, not a cookbook, because most of the recipes are raw. Uncooked foods are easier to fix and take with you for healthy eating on the run. Essential nutrients are not lost to the cooking process. We're not talking "rabbit food" here, either. It includes such favorites as "spaghetti" with tomato basil sauce, lasagna, barbecue corn chips, brownies, cookies, and pies, all of which are raw. The author shares the reasoning behind why eating raw foods is so much better for you, and reveals surprising facts about the foods most people eat regularly. If you think raw foods can't possibly taste good, think again. She calls this Grab and Go Goodness, for people with hectic schedules who want optimal "Alive Health." It truly can be done, as this book clearly shows. Be prepared to learn to love food in a different way with these recipes! Check out Barbara's new video series on YouTube at or iTunes at for free content.

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