A Gluten and Dairy Free, Grain Free, Soy Free, and Nightshade Free Grocery List: This is “What’s Left To Eat”

Also available in kindle edition: ASIN: B01N7F2NQB amzn.to/2lq2MgX Are you trying to lose weight? Have you been told to avoid gluten, dairy, grains, or soy? What about nightshades? Sodium and Sugar? You might be wondering what's left to eat, right? This Grocery List is what is left for you to eat. It is also low sodium, sugar, low carb and low fat.This list includes all of the foods left to eat in the following areas of your grocery store:*Refrigerated*Frozen Foods*Shelf Stable: aisles with canned and pantry items*Produce: vegetables and fruit*Meats and SeafoodThese foods are widely available at any, ordinary grocery store.

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