8 to Your IdealWeight: Release Your Weight & Restore Your Power in 8 Weeks

Why do most diets fail? Because mental preparation is the most important first step and the majority of diets simply call for calorie restriction and food changes without the essential mind-body connection that ensures success. Author MK Mueller’s journey to her ideal weight was 40 years in the making with a trail of unsuccessful diets in her wake. Her tried and true methodology is based on an 8 step program that will help every reader get to their goals and, most importantly, stay there. With her encouragement and gentle guidance, readers can let go of the idea of living life as a number in terms of weight and reclaim their self-esteem and personal power.MK Mueller’s program is not about losing weight but "releasing” pounds that no longer serve you and hold you back by dragging you down and making you feel bad about yourself and vulnerable to health risks. Adjust your attitude first, then adjust the way you eat; MK Mueller’s 8 steps will help anyone get to your goals and motivate you to keep going. The 8 to Your IdealWeight diet-free program outlined in MK Mueller’s breakthrough book will reshape your body, restore your energy and reboot your life by healing the root cause of overeating. Mueller’s hard-won wisdom will help you to get, real, get healthy and get empowered. 8 to Your IdealWeight offers readers nothing less than transformation and a powerful new mindset that will inform every aspect of your life with the positive.

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