7 Day Tea Cleanse Diet Plan: How To Choose Your Detox Teas, Shed Up To 10 Pounds a Week, Boost Your Metabolism and Improve Health

Use this proven step by step plan to lose weight and feel great in 7 days! If you are looking into this topic, then perhaps you are one of the millions that are continuously searching for answers as to how to lose the sluggish feeling that is dragging you down throughout the day. Are you hoping for a way to bring your body back to the healthy and comfortable shape that you once took for granted? This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to lose weight, boost your metabolism, flush your system of toxins, improve your overall health, and to choose the right teas that will assist in accomplishing them all. The goal of this book is to guide you to a new routine that will help transform you into the person you want to be through the natural remedies of detoxifying teas. What's included in this book... What are toxins and what you can do about themHow detoxing worksTypes of tea and how to prepare themHow boosting your metabolism through tea increases mental alertness and helps to lose flabAn easy to follow 7 day tea cleanse plan Tags: Tea Cleanse, Tea Detox, Detox Tea, Weight Loss, Metabolism Boost, Diet, Detox Cleanse, Detox Plan

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