30 Motivational Quotes About Being In Your Thirties Adult Coloring Book: For an Inspirational Decade (Adult Coloring Books) (Volume 9)

Happy thirty-something birthday to you or someone you love! The thirties are a time of discovery and change. So much growth occurs from 30 to 40! These birthdays can be scary at first, but when you look closely, you'll realize they're some of the best! You're only getting better and better! This coloring book is filled with quotes about being in your thirties. All of them are uplifting and thoughtful, and, hopefully, inspiring to you! Relax, and let any birthday stress melt away. Color yourself into serenity. There are more than 30 pages to color, each repeated twice so that you can try different colors and styles! People quoted range from Coco Chanel to Benjamin Franklin, and include Mitch Albom, Amy Adams, Julia Childe, Virginia Woolf, and more! Each page is single-sided and 8.5x11, so enjoy using your favorite fine-tipped markers, colored pencils, gel pens, and more! Or gift these quotes to the amazing 30-something friends and relatives in your life!

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