3 Steps to Gluten-Free Living

3 Steps to Gluten-Free Living is a practical, step-by-step guide for anyone who has recently been diagnosed with a gluten-related disorder or with Celiac and is left with difficult question “where do I start?” Sorting through all the information about becoming gluten-free can be frustrating and time-consuming—and purchasing everything labeled “gluten-free” can be expensive. There’s a better way to begin your gluten-free journey. This book is written to be a practical, step-by-step guide to the elimination of gluten from your diet, the transition of your heart and your home (including your pantry), and the substitution of convenient products and ingredients for your recipes and meals. Over 100 products and brands are referenced in the book. This book emphasizes a holistic approach to gluten-free living by including eating whole, clean, local, and healthy, which is important when starting your gluten free journey and for being truly compliant to a gluten-free diet. In a friendly tone that incorporates humor and inspiring enthusiasm, 3 Steps to Gluten-Free Living teaches that gluten-free eating can be healthy—if you do it the right way. Topics covered include: Alternative gluten-free grains Reading labels Substitutable ingredients & products Shopping & brands Eating-out & social situations Traveling Positive attitude & family support Helping you get organized with thought-provoking exercises, recipes, tips, facts, and plenty of space for notes, 3 Steps to Gluten-Free Living has everything you need to quickly feel the benefits of the gluten-free lifestyle.

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